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Executive Editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. I pretty much tweet small talk. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

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Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · Oct 4

I've said it before, but now more than ever, I'm hungry for a YA novel that makes me feel the way the first half of THE POWER did. Agent friends, please send me your exciting, empowering, immersive new projects! #mswl

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · Aug 7

I'm craving a manuscript in any category/genre that captures the joy, magic, comfort, empathy, and belonging of best friendship (agented submissions only, please, per company policy) #mswl

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · Mar 8

Today seems like a good day to ask agent friends for a mg or ya novel that makes me feel as empowered as the first half of @naomialderman's THE POWER. Related: everyone needs to read #thePower. #MSWL

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 2 Nov 2017

Agent friends, I am craving some amazing middle grade contemporary humor! Send your exciting new manuscripts my way.... #MSWL

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 23 Aug 2017

I've been dreaming of a YA Love & Basketball (/any sport) for ages. Agent friends, keep me in mind if such a treasure hits your desk! #MSWL

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 27 Feb 2017

(3/3) & MG or YA narrative nonfiction, esp. if it feels timely (no matter the era it covers) #mswl (agented only per company policy, pls)

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 27 Feb 2017

(2/3) magical realism MG; powerful MG historical fic; genre-busting MG; pacey and hook-y contemp or historical YA #mswl

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 27 Feb 2017

Agent friends! I'm back from maternity leave & hungry for exciting new manuscripts. Especially for #ownvoices contemp realistic, #MSWL 1/3

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 4 May 2016

Can I be #MSWL greedy? Because I would also really love some contemporary-with-a-twist MG, agents. Ideally w/ unforgettable characters....

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · 3 May 2016

Agent friends, I am craving a fresh, immersive MG high fantasy novel w/ exquisite world building! Just tossing that out there... #MSWL