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Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · 30 Jun 2016

& my #MSWL currently looks a little like this: #ownvoices LGBT & mental illness, where those aspects aren't necessarily the main plotlines.

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · 17 Jun 2016

Last fave: @AlvaradoFrazier's BEYOND THE BARS. Sounds awesome & SUCH a strong voice. Can't wait to read.… #MSWL #WCNV

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · 17 Jun 2016

Absolutely fab #MG story here, I hope it gets picked up and does great things! #WCNV… Good luck @writemeera! #MSWL

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · 17 May 2016

Missed #MuslimSquadWL yesterday but loving reading through the HT now. Check out the amazingness in the tag! I want to read them all! #MSWL

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · 25 Apr 2016

PSA: The prologue is dead, people. Especially when set way in the past. Or from a character's POV who isn't the narrator. ?? #MSWL #letitdie

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