Matt R. @doesntmattr · 22 Aug 2017

Lady Stranger @shawnee40day

#okscbwichat @doesntmattr What title would you recommend as the best-crafted chapter book?

"best" is hard bc its so subjective. the puppy place series is def the best 50 book series about dogs needing homes tho! #okscbwichat

Matt R. @doesntmattr · 22 Aug 2017

gayesanders @gayesanders

@comicbookjer @doesntmattr And, NBA? 😊

i always loved to hate the lakers but they're not good right now and its hard to hate a bad team #okscbwichat

Matt R. @doesntmattr · 22 Aug 2017

Catren Lamb @CRyanPerks

@doesntmattr What sports team do you love to hate? #okscbwichat

love to hate? im a new yorker but a mets fan so i get to hate the yankees but i don't think other states' fans are allowed to #okscbwichat

Matt R. @doesntmattr · 22 Aug 2017

Valerie Lawson @litbeing

@doesntmattr Can you talk a little bit about rejection? How you experience it as an editor? #okscbwichat

sure. i could spend a whole hour just on this. rejection happens to all of us. on the editorial side, you lose books u love 1/n #okscbwichat

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