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Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · Oct 24

I really want a MG graphic novel about a witch (witches? witch school? idk) so I am putting it out into the universe aka #MSWL

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · Apr 10

Would love to see some magical realism in my inbox #mswl for all those who are #amwriting

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 31 Aug 2017

Jess Errera @thisJESStin

A contemporary, yet campy, 90s set YA #MSWL

Also, I'm aware that it can't technically be contemporary and set in the 90s, but I think y'all know what I mean #MSWL

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 22 Aug 2017

What's a girl gotta do to get some M/M (contemporary?) romance in her inbox?! #MSWL

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 11 Aug 2017

Romance-leaning women's fiction with a cool and different conceit/hook a la THE SHARK CLUB or THE HATING GAME #MSWL

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 30 Jun 2017

Also, sex positive YA please for the love of all that is holy #mswl

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 30 Jun 2017

Contemporary YA set at a (musical theatre?) summer camp a la CAMP #MSWL

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 22 Jun 2017

Exciting news: my Manuscript Wish List Page has gone live at… Go poke around & see what's on my #MSWL (then send it!)

Jess E-scare-a @thisJESStin · 25 May 2017

Wait also on my #MSWL is a Little Mermaid retelling that makes me go: