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Literary Agent @ The Deborah Harris Agency. Author of THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD (Redhook, 2018) & EATING THE BIBLE (Skyhorse, 2014) Rep'd by @btaylorbooks


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Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 15 Nov 2017

Pet peeve: when I reject a query and the author responds with "but I have another book, want to look at this other book?"
Please don't do this.
Re-query if you must.
But those follow up emails make me feel like I'm stuck in some kind of Sisyphean paradox.
#agentlife #querytip

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 7 Aug 2017

If you write to me once a week to ask me what I think about your novel I will reject it without reading further. #querytip

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 30 Jul 2017

I've made spelling mistakes in emails to editors, but authors, please at least try to spell things right in subject lines...#querytip

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 15 Mar 2016

Write a standard query letter, but don't be afraid to let some zany quirk shine through. That's how I found a lot of my authors. #querytip

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 21 Dec 2014

Another #querytip: don't respond to my rejection by saying that someone else at my agency almost took you on, because obviously they didn't.

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 21 Dec 2014

If you respond to my rejection with "I know nobody reads queries anyway" you belittle everything I do as an agent. #querytip: Don't do this.

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