Patricia Nelson


Literary Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency (@MarsalLyonLit), representing YA, MG, women's fic, romance & select literary fic. I'm looking for a mind at work.

San Diego, CA

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 4 Dec 2017

Twitter, I am obsessed with this Taylor Swift cover & I want some sort of girl gang YA novel w/ this vibe. Send me your unapologetically scheming heroines, writers. #mswl…

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 12 Sep 2017

Patricia Nelson @patricianels

Heartfelt, diverse middle grade. ALL OF IT. #mswl

Replying to @patricianels

And always, in all genres I represent: marginalized and underrepresented voices, you are WANTED and WELCOMED in my query inbox. #mswl

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 12 Sep 2017

Patricia Nelson @patricianels

Upmarket/literary fiction with speculative or magical realist elements. If you can comp to STATION ELEVEN, I want it. #mswl

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Anything with an incredibly strong sense of place, esp (but not limited to) stories set in Michigan/the Midwest, California, or Texas. #mswl

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 5 Sep 2017

Hey, Twitter: as of today, I've officially reopened to queries! Find my #mswl here:… & here:…

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 2 Aug 2017

This is a great essay. (Also, stories involving friend breakups remain perpetually on my #mswl!)