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Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · Jul 30

#querytip: "I feel its important to let you know I am not a writer" is not a good opening line to a query letter.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 14 Jun 2017

#querytip: If your query letter opens with "Gentlemen:" as your greeting, I know you haven't done your research on my agency.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 13 Jun 2017

#querytip: Don't. Cold call. Literary agencies. Don't do it. It never works out. (I am having a day, if you couldn't tell.)

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 16 Feb 2017

Hey uh, #querytip: Don't send me a query with a screed in it about how queries are beneath you and agents have ruined writing, k?

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 9 Jan 2017

#querytip: There's absolutely no need to send a query by express mail. Complete waste of money, doesn't get your query read any faster.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 18 Nov 2016

"Your website says you are looking for fantasy..." No, it doesn't, actually. #querytip

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 10 Nov 2016

Just got a query of "futuristic historical fiction." That's a new one. (Ps: I'm not into it.) #querytip

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 4 Nov 2016

"Dear Agent, I am submitting to you because your name came up in an agent search." Wow, so flattered. (Don't do this.) #querytip

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 19 Sep 2016

#querytip: Do not. Cold call. Our agency. You found our phone #, ergo you can find our website, which has query guidelines. Please just try.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 20 May 2016

When a query is written in all caps, all I can think is, "STOP YELLING AT ME." And I delete it. #querytip

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 9 May 2016

#querytip: Learn how to use commas. I've read this line so often: "Book Title, is about..." And often that's the dealbreaker. That comma.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 23 Mar 2016

#querytip: Don't write a query letter for your query letter.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 15 Mar 2016

#querytip: While some of this is satire, much of it is very, very accurate.… via @ElectricLit

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 17 Feb 2016

#querytip: No need to say "I am querying you because I want to be published." This is stating the obvious, and wasting words.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 12 Feb 2016

I just had a visceral reaction to a query letter that begins "Dear Gentlemen." Don't do that. #querytip

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 19 Jan 2016

#querytip: You have my submission info; send queries and follow-ups there. Do not query me on Twitter, as it wastes both your time and mine.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 23 Nov 2015


Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 10 Nov 2015

#querytip: this is not my name.

Arielle Datz @ArielleMarla · 27 Oct 2015

#querytip: Don't just send me a link to your website, or your blog, or your Amazon page. That's a fast way to immediate deletion.

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