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Writer and literary agent at @metamorphlitag #amwriting #momlife @9princess4life I will follow back.

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Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Amy Brewer @42amer · Jul 17

#MSWL I’m watching Hallmark Christmas movies in July. Please send me some Christmas manuscripts.

Amy Brewer @42amer · Apr 17

I’m ready for some Christmas romances between 65-80 thousand words. Send them my way. #MSWL #agent

Amy Brewer @42amer · Apr 12

patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers

I sooo want to read stories with characters like these. #MSWL

Me too! Great article in the New Yorker from Molly Ringwald just makes me want it more. I’d also love to see a manuscript with the action and angst of Back to the Future. #MSWL

Amy Brewer @42amer · Apr 7

It’s spring (ish) that means it is time to send me your Christmas romance manuscripts. Think short and sweet, 60,000 words or less. #MSWL #amwritingromance

Amy Brewer @42amer · Mar 9

I would love to see a Contemporary Romantic Adventure like Romancing the Stone in my inbox. #MSWL #query #open to submissions

Amy Brewer @42amer · Feb 27

[ k ] @karluSChka

Yo el fin de semana:

I love a good romance. #MSWL #romance I’d love to see some historic romance queries from the mid twentieth century.